Sh. Ghasi Ram 

Education is a process of human enlightenment and progress to attain a better and higher quality life. A value based and affective system of education results into folding manfolded potentialities and competencies. Education provides a significant role to reach the goal. Mother is the first teacher of a child. Educating girls i.e. prospective mother is indirectly educating the whole society. Hence this college prepares effective prospective lady teachers as nation builders..

"Yatra Narisyastu Pujyainte - Ramentai Tatar Devta", Means wherever respect give to women the god will stay there. This concept was producted by Swami Dayanand Saraswati , Founder of Arya Smaj. Swami ji was a great social reformer and Saint. He led emphais on the education of women. The progress of society without educating women is beyond imagination. Mother is the first teacher of child.

Influenced by such ideas of Swami Ji his disciple, Sh. Ghasi Ram Ji established a Gurukul in Julana Shadipur with the object of propagating teaching of Vedas. Following the rich tradition of indian education to women which instially was deprived class in the sphere of education, the Shiksha Kanya Gurukul (Regd.) Julana Shadipur, Distt. Jind is making a sincere eneavour to impart educate the girl students specially belonging to rural area. The Kanya Gurukul is a marvelous blend of moral and traditional education centre.

His earnest belief was that practice of this principle is essence of life. He propagated education from encouraged girls education to develop and disseminate new knowledge among the students who are want to their careers in education & become future managers of our children.

With the blessing of almighty the managing committee of Shiksha Parishad Kanya Gurukul (Regd.) Julana Shadipur Distt. Jind started "Kanya Gurukul College of Education" in 2007-08.